UK Wool week.

I think the Wool week is a promotional thing to encourage folks to wear more woolen clothes but as a native of Pennine West Yorkshire I like the idea. I just hope the sheep appreciate it.




Red Dykes. A South Pennine ruin.

A favourite ruin of mine.

Red dykes is at the top of Cragg vale in West Yorkshire. It and the walls that surround it are really fine examples of a farm and cottage abandoned, then simply left. When this building became empty, I don’t know, but the chances are the occupants were booted out when a near by reservoir was being constructed maybe 1910 – 1940 at a guess.


Pennine drizzle.

The monument Stoodley Pike, high on the moors in West Yorkshire. Built in 1856 to replace an earlier monument that was destroyed by a lightening strike in 1854.

The first monument was constructed in 1814 to commemorate the defeat of Napoleon.