Upper Holme valley.

Taken in about 2005 on my Walker Titan SF folding field camera on 5×4 Ilford film.

With my large format film gear, and on foot, its common to only have enough film loaded up for about 14 shots. Sometimes a little more or less.


Yorkshire land

Bra and ballet shoe.

One image in a little series done recently with found objects – and some pretty nasty ones at that. I’ve been experimenting with focus stacking with this series, trying to get the objects to float off a background that has been placed well out of focus.


Bra and ballet shoe.

Living room and bedroom.

This little group of ruins – a couple of cottages and a barn – are right out on the moors at the top of Noah dale on Heptonstall moor.

The interior is the top cottage, and to take this I had to push my camera in to a hole in the outside wall, fire the shutter and hope I got something (its on film).


pad laithe

Pad Laithe. Noah dale.